Самые заинтересовавшие меня фото из инстаграма сегодня. Подборка образов, которые показались мне стильными и заслуживающими внимания. У них много общего: лаконичность, отсутствие декора, почти всегда обувь на плоском каблуке и простота.

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A day late (but not really, because #Earthday is everyday and Easter was spent offline with my fam), but wanted to share @poloralphlauren’s newest family member, #theEarthPolo, constructed from thread made entirely out of reusable materials (approx 12 plastic bottles per shirt) and dyed with an innovative process which uses zero water. We all know how far our industry has to go when it comes to being more sustainable, but am grateful to see some of our favourite brands redesigning their classics with mother nature in mind. RL has also committed to removing 170mill bottles from landfill and our oceans. That said, its always good to check what you already have/ actually need before you go out and buy something new… ♻️🌍

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